Specific Account Audits

IIC conducts specific account audits.  The intent of the audit is to review a specific insurance account from the perspective of four key components:  identify; review; analyze and enhance.

Identify the risk exposures by gaining a keen understanding of the insured’s operation utilizing a web analysis and operational review

Review exposures of the insurance client by reviewing the contracts they have entered into for exposures to loss; contractual transfers and assumptions of risk

Analyze the insurance program designed for your client

Enhance the insurance program by making recommendations for changes, corrections on the account, where necessary and suggest endorsements and additional coverages deemed necessary.

The Specific Account Audit is an excellent tool to enhance coverages, avoid errors or omissions in coverage; be pro-active against any potential completion; and, most importantly do the best job possible for your insureds.  Audits are conducted at your office by a team of experts from Insight Insurance Consulting. For additional information contact: Laurie@insightinsuranceconsulting.com

Company Audits

Insight Insurance Consultants conducts audits for insurance broker/agents to make certain they are adhering to the standard of care required for an insurance operation.  The audit reviews their procedures in account handling and management; review their procedure manual to make certain it is current, up to date, correct in terms of the procedures identified.  The audit looks at specific accounts to determine if the individuals working on the accounts are documenting the files correctly, following the standards of the agent/broker and are demonstrating a keen understanding of the coverages necessary for the individual clients. The insurance broker/agent will receive an audit report at the end of the audit.  The audits are conducted, typically, on site with the team of experts of IIC.

Expert Witness

Laurie Zangwill Infantino has served as an expert witness for over ten years.  She has served as an expert witness on behalf of the plaintiff and well as the defendant.  Her areas of expertise are primarily in the property lines of insurance and standard of care.  Review her Curricula Vitae on this site. You can reach Laurie for more information at her email:  laurie@insightinsuranceconsulting.com.