About Insight Insurance Consulting

In 2010 Laurie created Insight Insurance Consulting (IIC).  The goal of Insight is to be a resource to the insurance industry on many levels: to provide technical and sales training; to be a mentor to new people entering the industry; to be a resource for information; and to provide new and innovative ideas and solutions to improve the profitability for insurance agents/brokers and insurance companies.  

The business name, Insight Insurance Consultants, was chosen very carefully. The word "insight" has many definitions. Implicit in all of the definitions is the word "understanding" and more specifically "gaining a clear understanding of complex situations or issues".  What could be more complex then insurance? This is one of the major goals of IIC - to provide the tools to understand the very complexities of insurance  so that people working within the industry have the confidence and means to do their jobs well.  Derek Curtis Bok, the former president of Harvard University, wrote:"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."  The term "expensive" not only refers to perceived cost of education but more importantly to the "expense" of making mistakes and  the cost to the self esteem of the insurance professional who does not have the knowledge to be successful..  It is the goal of Insight Insurance Consulting to provide the tools to increase productivity and knowledge in the insurance industry.